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Bab, bluetooth systems are cheap, easy to set up - maintain and can be used as many different solutions like managing access control, time & attendance, indoor tracking, rtls, social distancing, room capacity and more.

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Bab Enterprise Solutions

access control

Bab, the bluetooth tracker and access point system implementation allows you to manage employee access and tracking in a low cost and easy way. Bab readers connect with Nan beacons or mobile devices to access rooms, unlock doors & turnstiles and track people & objects.

Bab app gives users the ability to control access remotely and freedom - remarkably quick and reliable access. Users can restrict or share access and manage all the door access permissions for anyone from anywhere.

time & attendance

Bab, the bluetooth tracker and access point technology allows users to manage employees’ time and attendance system which is used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. A time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. Users can check data history as well and get reports about records of location and time.

Bab Iot Time Attendance

indoor tracking

Bab bluetooth tracking systems include the indoor tracking of objects which is often necessary in the industries to determine the current location of work equipment and products as well as in any industry simply for safety reasons.

inventory management

Bab bluetooth systems allow users to manage inventory and asset tracking with bluetooth tag systems or beacons which work just like barcode systems but without labels.

Bab Iot Inventory Management


Bab real time location systems offer tracking solutions ranging from object tracking to employee location tracking for safety reasons. With this technology, users can see their employees online and easily keep track of people, time and location. Users can check data history as well and get reports about records of location and time.

social distancing

Bab beacons offer the technology to maintain social distancing between employees by using ultra-high frequency sounds, ultra-wideband and bluetooth so it does not require an active internet connection to work.

Bab Iot Social Distancing
Bab Iot Heatmap


Bab bluetooth systems allow users to track intense areas of a room by providing an immediate visual summary for various wireless signals.

room capacity

Bab bluetooth systems can be used to limit the number of people entering or staying in your room on a given day by applying capacity levels to the space. Bab can get users notified when the space usage is higher than allowed or when it is about to reach full room capacity.

Bab offers great tech solutions to enterprises about health and hygiene regulations regarding pandemic..

Bab Iot Room Capacity
Bab Iot Last Object Notification

lost object notification

Bab can get users notified when they lose an object or an item. Put bab beacon Nan into your bag or tag it into any item that you want to track just in case. Nan is a perfect precaution for tracking lost or stolen items.

zone control

Bab beacon Nan allows users to track their employees by measuring how much time they spend in the specific zones of a working area.

It is a perfect and low cost tracking system for big department stores with category zones.

Bab Iot Zone Control